Samsung UN55JU7100 Review
  • Overall Rating: 86


  • 55 inch Screen
  • Active 3D
  • 4K Resolution
  • UHD Upscaling

In the Beginning
This UN55JU7100 television finishes with a 86 rating, based on its feature set and hardware capabilities. The 55 inch screen and 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution are factored into this rating. The features this TV has to offer are Active 3D, 4K Resolution, UHD Upscaling. This is only just some features of this TV. Make sure to check out the specs tab for the full feature set. Every single person has different parameters they look at as it pertains to features of a television. It is because of this that you must choose carefully.

The 3D Effect
As an added bonus this television comes equipped with awesome 3D graphics. This usually means that the price tag is marginally higher than most others with the same basic specs. 3D offers a really cool TV watching experience. Of course you would need to watch programs that are made for 3D viewing.

The UN55JU7100 is a member of Samsung's JU7100 series. The JU7100 series consists of 6 models. These Samsung models are: the 85-inch UN85JU7100, the 75-inch UN75JU7100, the 65-inch UN65JU7100, the 60-inch UN60JU7100, the 50-inch UN50JU7100 and the 40-inch UN40JU7100.

Inputs and Outputs
A quality picture is determined in part by the type of input that is connected. This 55 inch Samsung UN55JU7100 TV specs out with 4 HDMI ports , 1 component input , 1 composite input , 3 USB ports , 2 audio-out port , 1 RF cable input , 1 ethernet port and WiFi. Most TV manufacturers offer four HDMI ports on their devices. Samsung happens to be one of them. The old composite style connections are hardly supported by manufacturers for a good reason, it is ancient technology by today's standards. Newer than composite, component inputs are still around and quite more common due to the fact they are able to handle higher definition transmissions than composite connections. This particular TV has wireless capabilities which means you can connect to the Internet. This gives you a multitude of possibilities within your UN55JU7100 TV. An Ethernet port means having another way to connect your TV to the Internet. If you are able to connect through this port then you will find that it is much more reliable and will typically be faster than going wireless. All in all, the hardware of a TV has proven to be as significant as the screen itself. All the video inputs, WiFi connections, and even the audio out connections can determine the type of shows and quality of the picture. Researching and buying the perfect TV is impossible without knowing the specs. You should make it a point to take a look at the whole TV, not just the size!

Matter of Inches
The UN55JU7100 boasts a 55 inch screen measured diagonally. Most of the time the screen size is actually smaller than the one listed. The UN55JU7100 has an actual 54.6 inch screen. A 55 inch TV may be the perfect size for a main TV. If it were smaller it would probably be quite hard to see clearly from any significant distance. Despite the size, a person should pick a TV that has all the features you need.

Smart TVs like this one need software in order to provide users access to apps and settings. This TV runs Tizen as its main system software. The Tizen system offers a number of apps you can use on the TV including Twitter, Amazon video, Showtime, Netflix, and quite a few more! Because of the fluid nature of system apps and possible legal licensing crap, there very well could be different Tizen apps than what was previously listed. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Tizen system before buying any TV with the Tizen OS. It is difficult to know without you actually trying to find the current state of the Tizen system somewhere online.

Screen Quality Matters
The resolution of this TV is 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is also known as 4K resolution. The term resolution means how many pixels wide x how many pixels high the screen displays. The resolution of the screen is the biggest feature on the TV which defines the quality of the picture on the screen. Though refresh rate, backlighting and screen size all have an effect on display quality, too.

After Careful Deliberation
So, in conclusion this 55 inch TV from Samsung would probably be considered a really good choice based on its 86 rating. All together with a total of 4 HDMI portsits 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution screen, WiFi capabilities, and the Tizen operating system, this TV deserves the rating it has. Not every TV is a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Check out the specs of the TV for more detailed information.
Samsung UN55JU7100 Parts and Accessories
Offering Samsung UN55JU7100 parts like replacement remotes and HDMI cables. You may also be looking for accessories like TV mounts, home theater systems or sound bars for your 55-inch 3D 4K Smart TV.
Samsung UN55JU7100 Owner's Manual
This Samsung UN55JU7100 owner's manual is available to download free of charge. The manual can be opened using any pdf reader freely available on the Internet.
The manual will contain important information about your Samsung UN55JU7100 including specs, warranty, operation and troubleshooting. If you have any more questions about the 55-inch 3D 4K Smart TV you may need to contact Samsung directly via email, or by calling a customer service phone number.
Samsung UN55JU7100 Techinical Specifications
Here are the Samsung UN55JU7100 specs we have on record:
  • General
  • Brand:
  • Samsung
  • Model:
  • UN55JU7100
  • Alternate Model Names:
  • UN55JU7100FXZA
  • Series:
  • JU7100
  • Resolution Type:
  • 4K
  • 3D:
  • Yes
  • 3D Type:
  • Active
  • Curved:
  • No
  • Screen
  • Screen Size:
  • 55 inches
  • Actual Screen Size:
  • 54.6 inches
  • Native Refresh Rate:
  • 120 Hz
  • Screen Resolution:
  • 3840 x 2160
  • Screen Type:
  • LCD
  • Panel Technology:
  • SVA
  • Backlight Type:
  • Direct LED
  • Screen Display Area:
  • 92.2%
  • Contrast Ratio:
  • 3500:1
  • Pixel Density:
  • 80ppi (pixels per inch)
  • Minimum Response Time:
  • 14ms
  • Input Lag:
  • 26ms
  • Inputs
  • HDMI Ports:
  • 4
  • USB Ports:
  • 3
  • Component Connections:
  • 1
  • Composite Connections:
  • 1
  • Audio Out Ports:
  • 2
  • RF Input (Coaxial):
  • Yes
  • Tuner Types:
  • Analog,Clear QAM,ATSC
  • Network
  • WiFi:
  • Yes
  • WiFi Technologies:
  • a,b,g,n,ac
  • BlueTooth:
  • Yes
  • Ethernet:
  • Yes
  • DLNA Capability:
  • Yes
  • Audio
  • Speaker Output:
  • 20 Watts (total)
  • Speaker Type:
  • 2ch Down Firing Bass Reflex
  • Smartware
  • SoC(system on chip):
  • Hawk-M
  • Number of CPU Cores:
  • 4
  • Operating System:
  • Tizen
  • Full Web Browser:
  • Yes
  • Other Features
  • Mirroring Capability:
  • Yes
  • Mirroring Types:
  • WiFi Direct,SmartView 2.0
  • Parental Controls:
  • Yes
  • MSRP:
  • $2199.99
  • Electronic Program Guide:
  • Yes
  • Misc
  • Remote Control:
  • Samsung Smart Control(TM1560A)
  • VESA Pattern:
  • 400x400
  • Weight (TV Only):
  • 38.1 pounds
  • Dimensions (TV Only)
    • Width:
    • 48.9 inches
    • Height:
    • 28.3 inches
    • Depth:
    • 2.7 inches
  • Avg Power:
  • 190 Watts
  • Max Power:
  • 210 Watts