Samsung UN85JU7100 Review
  • Overall Rating: 87


  • 85 inch Screen
  • Built-in WiFi
  • 4K Resolution
  • Precision Black Technology

The Opening Curtain
This UN85JU7100 television finishes with a 87 overall rating, based on its feature set and hardware capabilities. The 85 inch screen and 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution are a couple of features that the rating is derived from. This television has some features including Built-in WiFi, 4K Resolution, Precision Black Technology. This is just some of the features. Check out the specs page for a full list. Every single person feels strongly about different specifications as it pertains to different specs of a TV. It is because of this that everyone's personal rating of a TV will be different.

1, 2 3D
Having 3D is hard to find on current TV sets. This one does have it. Because of this, the price tag is marginally higher than others with the same specs. 3D can be wonderful as it improves your movie watching experience, if that is something you desire.

Physical Size
The Samsung UN85JU7100 offers up a 85 inch screen measured diagonally. Sometimes the marketed screen size is different from the actual size. This TV offers an actual screen size of 84.5 inches. A lot of people would call this TV a very large TV and would be installed in the living room. Large screens can be seen from a greater distance and can offer a breathtakingly large picture! Size does not matter because you need to choose a TV that works for you.

Series Membership
The UN85JU7100 is from Samsung JU7100 series of televisions. Other models in the JU7100 series include: the 75-inch UN75JU7100, the 65-inch UN65JU7100, the 60-inch UN60JU7100, the 55-inch UN55JU7100, the 50-inch UN50JU7100 and the 40-inch UN40JU7100.

Cables In, Cables Out
A quality picture is determined in part by the type of input that is connected. This TV specs out with 4 HDMI ports , 1 component input , 1 composite input , 3 USB ports , 2 audio-out port , 1 RF cable input , 1 ethernet port and WiFi. The fact that there are four HDMI ports means that most people can connect all of their devices easily. Older style composite inputs are not found on many televisions this day and age due to the reasoning that it is thought to be ancient input technology compared to the quality of new television being produced today. Component inputs are still used by some Samsung televisions because of the fact that they can handle 1080p quality signals. This Samsung TV has built-in WiFi which means you can connect to the Internet. This gives you an endless world to explore through your TV. Having an Ethernet port gives you a reliable way to get connected to the Internet. If you are able to connect through this port then you will find that it is much more reliable and usually gives you more speed than going wireless. All in all, the hardware of a TV has proven to be as significant as the size and resolution of the screen. HDMI ports, internet connections, and even the audio out connections can determine the quality of the TV viewing experience. Finding and selecting the right TV would be next to impossible without examining the specifications. You should always take a look at the whole TV, not just the screen size!

Smart TV
This TV is considered a Smart TV and it runs Tizen as its operating system. There are plenty of apps that can be downloaded on the UN85JU7100 TV. The Tizen system offers quite a few apps for users such as Facebook, Amazon video, Showtime, Netflix, and quite a few more! Due to technological advancements and other legal stuff, there very well could be different Tizen apps than the ones I listed. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Tizen system before buying any TV with the Tizen OS. You may never know until you put forth the effort and see exactly what the Tizen offers to consumers in a Smart TV environment!

The resolution of this TV is 3840 x 2160 pixels. This resolution is often called 4K resolution. The term resolution means how many pixels wide x how many pixels high the screen displays. The resolution of the screen is the single biggest factor that determines the quality of the TV, in general. Though refresh rate, backlighting and LCD panel type all have an effect on display quality, too.

Two-Minute Warning
So, in conclusion this TV from Samsung would be considered a great choice based on our 87 in-house rating. With a total of 4 HDMI portsits 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution screen, smart WiFi functionality, and the Tizen operating system, this TV deserves the rating it has. Take your time and check out all the features of this TV before you make your final decision. Double check to make sure it offers everything you need.
Samsung UN85JU7100 Parts and Accessories
Offering Samsung UN85JU7100 parts like replacement remotes and HDMI cables. You may also be looking for accessories like TV mounts, home theater systems or sound bars for your 85-Inch 4K 3D Smart TV.
Samsung UN85JU7100 Owner's Manual
This Samsung UN85JU7100 owner's manual is available to download free of charge. The manual can be opened using any pdf reader freely available on the Internet.
The manual will contain important information about your Samsung UN85JU7100 including specs, warranty, operation and troubleshooting. If you have any more questions about the 85-Inch 4K 3D Smart TV you may need to contact Samsung directly via email, or by calling a customer service phone number.
Samsung UN85JU7100 Techinical Specifications
Here are the Samsung UN85JU7100 specs we have on record:
  • General
  • Brand:
  • Samsung
  • Model:
  • UN85JU7100
  • Alternate Model Names:
  • UN85JU7100FXZA
  • Series:
  • JU7100
  • Resolution Type:
  • 4K
  • 3D:
  • Yes
  • 3D Type:
  • Active
  • Curved:
  • No
  • Screen
  • Screen Size:
  • 85 inches
  • Actual Screen Size:
  • 84.5 inches
  • Native Refresh Rate:
  • 120 Hz
  • Screen Resolution:
  • 3840 x 2160
  • Screen Type:
  • LCD
  • Panel Technology:
  • VA
  • Backlight Type:
  • Direct LED
  • Screen Display Area:
  • 94.4%
  • Pixel Density:
  • 52ppi (pixels per inch)
  • Inputs
  • HDMI Ports:
  • 4
  • USB Ports:
  • 3
  • Component Connections:
  • 1
  • Composite Connections:
  • 1
  • Audio Out Ports:
  • 2
  • RF Input (Coaxial):
  • Yes
  • Tuner Types:
  • Analog,Clear QAM,ATSC
  • Network
  • WiFi:
  • Yes
  • WiFi Technologies:
  • b,g,n,ac
  • BlueTooth:
  • Yes
  • Ethernet:
  • Yes
  • DLNA Capability:
  • Yes
  • Audio
  • Speaker Output:
  • 60 Watts (total)
  • Speaker Type:
  • 2.2ch Down Firing
  • Smartware
  • SoC(system on chip):
  • Hawk-M
  • Number of CPU Cores:
  • 4
  • Operating System:
  • Tizen
  • Full Web Browser:
  • Yes
  • Other Features
  • Mirroring Capability:
  • Yes
  • Mirroring Types:
  • WiFi Direct,SmartView 2.0
  • Parental Controls:
  • Yes
  • MSRP:
  • $8999.99
  • Electronic Program Guide:
  • Yes
  • Misc
  • Remote Control:
  • Samsung Smart Control(TM1560A)
  • VESA Pattern:
  • 400x400
  • Weight (TV Only):
  • 121.5 pounds
  • Dimensions (TV Only)
    • Width:
    • 74.9 inches
    • Height:
    • 42.9 inches
    • Depth:
    • 2.7 inches
  • Avg Power:
  • 160 Watts
  • Max Power:
  • 440 Watts